How To Get BNB on Binance Smart Chain using

Binance Smart Chain is killing it currently. However, getting BNB onto the Binance Smart Chain isn’t the most straightforward for those of us who reside in a region where is not allowed. After being asked multiple times by multiple different people I’ve decided to write a guide.


  2. Metamask Wallet
  3. Binance Smart Chain Wallet


Set up Metamask with Binance Smart Chain.

  1. Install Metamask Chrome Extension.
  2. Follow instructions in this guide to add Binance Smart Chain network.
  3. Keep your passphrase handy for use in next step.
  4. If you need to access your Seed Phrase click on Metamask and click Settings -> Security & Privacy -> Reveal Seed Phrase.

Set up Binance Smart Chain Wallet.

  1. Install Binance Smart Chain Chrome Extension
  2. Click on the extension and select: I own a wallet
  3. Paste Seed Phrase from Metamask in and set your password.
  4. You’re all set!


  1. You can either deposit USD into or crypto.
  2. Buy BNB on

Transferring BNB to Binance Smart Chain

  • You will be withdrawing BNB to BEP2 network.
Withdraw BNB using BEP2 Network
  • Change your Binance Smart Chain Wallet Network to Binance Chain Network.
Select Binance Chain Network
  • Copy your account number by clicking the icon next to your address.
Copy Binance Chain Network Address
  • Enter the address for withdrawal and submit the withdrawal.
Paste Address and Submit Withdrawal
  • Change the network to Binance Smart Chain.
Switch Network to Binance Smart Chain Network
  • Copy the Binance Smart Chain Wallet Address.
Copy Binance Chain Network Address
  • Change network back to Binance Chain Network and hit Send. Paste the wallet address into the address field. If you did this step correctly you will see Note: Cross Chain Transfer to Binance Smart Chain appear underneath the address.
Note: Cross Chain Transfer to Binance Smart Chain
  • Hit Send to send all your BNB to your wallet on Binance Smart Chain.
  • The BNB should now show up in both your Metamask Wallet as well as your Binance Smart Chain Wallet.
Check Metamask Binance Smart Chain Balance

Congratulations you’ve now gotten your BNB onto the Binance Smart Chain Network (BEP-20). Have fun!



Blockchain and Crypto Enthusiast. Engineer @ PayPal.

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